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Design creates the business
card people never discard;
differentiates your product
from their product; excites a
child's imagination; inspires
you to act; simplifies a PDA
interface; communicates
trust; clarifies an idea; makes
you comfortable; makes you
uncomfortable; annoys you;

PettisDesign is a comprehensive creative services company now in its
3rd decade. Our firm offers integrated design solutions including branding,
print collateral, packaging, advertising, exhibits, signage and new media
applications. Clients run the gamut from Fortune 500 firms to promising
start-ups in virtually every arena, including finance, fashion, luxury goods,
education, publishing, high-tech, non-profit, governmental, and international
NGOs. PettisDesign has completed major projects for Citibank, Revlon,
DeBeers, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, United Nations and UNICEF
to name a few.

PettisDesign is passionate. Right design makes all the difference in industry,
community and people's lives. We are always looking for clients of like mind,
who understand the value of design as an effective management tool for their
organization and bottom line.

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saves on a production run; directs you to the right place; improves
the usability of your website; symbolizes human aspirations...

"All in a day's work." PettisDesign

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